Wardrobe Consulting

I know what it’s like staring at a closet full of clothes and feeling like you have nothing to wear. Whether your closet is filled with clothes that you haven’t worn in years or pieces that you haven’t been brave enough to debut, allow me to help you revamp that wardrobe!

  • Out With the Old. In need of some serious spring cleaning? I can help you go through your wardrobe and suggest what items to resell/donate that no longer work.
  • Shop Your Closet. Have a closet full of pieces you adore but aren’t sure how to create outfits? I will go through your clothes and put together 10-20 looks based on things that you own and provide Polaroid images of the looks for you to reference when getting ready! I can also create a list of must-have pieces that you may be missing to create the ultimate mix & match wardrobe. 
  • Seasonal Staples. I will give you a list of wardrobe essentials for the season and examples of where to purchase each items via Pinterest board or email links.
  • CEO Style. When it comes to office style, always dress for the job you want – not the job you have. Whether you work in a formal business setting or spend the day donning business casual attire, I can help you start or revamp your work wardrobe.
  • Organization Overhaul. This package is for the woman who can never seem to find what she’s looking for when getting ready in the morning. I will help you organize your closet in a way that works best for your lifestyle .

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